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Digital Input and Output - News / Product Release - Power Generation

Sep 7 2022

Digital Input and Output

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Digital Expansion Card releases are planned for the November timeframe. (* ready to receive orders)
The release is planned with a very fast availability of parts. 

16 digital inputs
part number: 8440-2304 IKD-IN-16

16 digital outputs
part number: 8440-2305  IKD-OUT-16

Interoperable with existing easYgen applications.

Please consider the attached document for more detailed information on the new IO modules!

Working Power Range :  

IKD-IN-16:    12/24 Vdc (9 to 35 Vdc)
IKD-OUT-16:    24 Vdc (19 to 35 Vdc)

Working Temperature : -25 to +70 °C

Digital Input Dimensions:


Digital Output Dimensions: