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New LS-6XT and an additional second version the LS-6XT-P2 - News / Product Release - Power Generation

Apr 3 2024

New LS-6XT and an additional second version the LS-6XT-P2

Authors list


general update on LS-6XT

highlighted features:

  • Introducing Modbus Master

  • Introducing Interconnection Mapper

  • Logic Function for Change Over Panel (ATS enhancement)

  • UDP message handling like easYgen 2.15

  • Make IKD configuration more comfortable (2x IKD, DI and DO handling like easYgen)

  • External reactive power source for System A and System B

  • Breaker Feedback DI configurable on NO or NC

  • All energy counter and breaker counter available in Modbus 5300

  • Naming of Internal Flags, Indication of AM results, ToolKit appearance like easYgen

  • Different improvements like some mappable Indices for CAN PDO mapping and new indices for easYview

New device LS-6XT-P2

additional features on-top of the above list:

  • Active Synchronization

  • Comfortable Current/Load Protection set on system A

  • Comfortable configuration of up to 4 IKDs (32/32) on CAN2

  • Supports up to 2x easYlite-200

part number:
P/N 8440-2317