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Toolkit 7 - new version - News / Product Release - Power Generation

Aug 9 2023

Toolkit 7 - new version

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The latest ToolKit 7 comes with many great new features, which are documented here:

Additionally was a Software licensing model introduced, which impacts the Power Generation products in the following way:

Basic license is included free of charge in the ToolKit download. This basic software license enables users to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot on easYgen, LS-5, LS-6, MFR-300 and similar controllers.

Advanced license (part number 8447-5002) includes the following:

  • All the features of the Basic license
  • Unlimited plots per trend chart and trend on the fly windows (3 plots are included in the basic license)
  • Allows to open plots as well
  • Unlimited data log view plots
  • Unlimited calculated plots
  • Export all data logged parameters to a test file even if not charted

Toolkit 6 will remain available for those who prefer to work with the older version (it will only work on the older .wtools)