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Where can I get ProfibusDP GSD File? - Knowledgebase / easYgen-3000XT - Power Generation

Where can I get ProfibusDP GSD File?

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for legacy MFR2 with option Su/Sb ProfibusDP  or GW4 PRO 

enter part number of MFR2 or GW4-Pro here: 

press search 

for ESEPRO Gateway to be used with easYgen platform controls converting CANopen to Profibus DP see here 

go for folder downloads:

Standard ESEPRO GSD File (DP-V1 & DP-V0)

GSD file Revision 4

Y-Link ESEPRO GSD File (DP-V0)

GSD file limited to DP-V0 functionality, use only in conjunction with Siemens Y-Link.