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What to consider if I want to upgrade obsolete GCP-3x controls to easYgen-3000XT controls - Knowledgebase / easYgen-3000XT - Power Generation

What to consider if I want to upgrade obsolete GCP-3x controls to easYgen-3000XT controls

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Upgrading old obsolete GCP-31/32 to easYgen-3000XT controls 

The obsolete GCP-30 Line was defined in different packages:

  • GCP-31 was serving only a Generator breaker paralleled to bus or grid

  • GCP-32 was serving Generator and Mains Breaker supporting AMF/ATS and Island paralleling   

  •  Base Package BPD/BPQ to be replaced with easYgen-3200XT 8440-2082 optional an IKD1M 8440-2116 digital I/O card is required if all digital inputs were used in GCP-3x.

  • GCP-31/32 xxD (D for Digital) interfaced with pot free contacts / raise and lower to AVR and Speed Governor

  • GCP-31/32 xxQ, Q was the option for flexible configurable PIDs +/-20mA /+/-10V and PWM speed and voltage bias, via Logic Manager it was possible to configure as well pot.-free contacts for up &down relays. In older GCP-3x Packages called A, R or X the speed bias was fixed to +/-3V and the AVR bias was fixed to +/-5V

  • GCP-31/32 Packages with Option +Scxx offered external I/Os (IKD1M) and ECU communication

  • Advanced Packages GCP-31/32 XPD/XPQ+ Sxxx to be replaced with easYgen-3500XT-P1/P2 Package having additional analogous I/Os on board and LS-4 Breaker Controls support.

  • There was as well a GCP-3145B-RPQ-Sc09 Rental package which can be replaced with easYgen3500XT-P2-LT-Rental 8440-2291

  • There were as well plenty of customized version with order options available.  

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Upgrade Limitations: 

  • Flush mounting easYgen-3000XT cut out form factor is bigger. So back panel easYgen3100/3400XT together with a Touch Remote Panel RP3000XT could be as well an option

  • The GCP-3x Line was configured with LeoPC1 Software, easYgen-3000XT is using ToolKit. It is not possible to convert LeoPC configuration files into ToolKit files.

  • GCP-3x required a DPC-1 5417-557 or DPC-USB 5417-1251 configuration cable.  easYgen-3000XT requires a standard E-Net Patch cable or USB cable only. For IKD1M configuration a software tool 9927-2094_A is offered 

  • GCP-3x controls used CAN Cal 2.0b communication for kW and kVAr sharing. if you want to operate GCP3-x and easYgen-3x00XT controls together a Loadshare Gateway LSG is required. Keep in mind that LDSS between GCP-3X and easYgen is not supported

  • Same GCP-3x CAN Bus was used to connect external Gateway GW4 to connect GCP-3x via e.g.  485 Modbus or ProfibusDP to upper Controls Systems like PMS or PLCs

    There is for all easYgen-3x000XT a software licensing P/N 10-030-825    SOFTWARE LEGACY CAN SUPPORT PACKAGE to let easYgen-3x000XT communicate with old GW4 Gateway

  • GCP-3x connected via Gateway GW4 ProfibusDP can be replaced with Woodward ESEPRO 5446-1046 Rev C. This ESEPRO emulates the old GCP-3x and MFR2& 3 Protocols.

  • GCP-3x and easYgen communication protocols are not same, so doing an upgrade requires as well a change in upper Control System easYgen is connected to. easYgen’s Modbus Telegram Mapper assists to create own Modbus tables similar to GCP-3x communication protocols.

  • GCP-3x SB03 packages connected to CAT CCM module via RS232 datalink is not supported in easYgen.

  • GCP-3xSC0x MTU MDEC communication will be available only in easYgen-3500XT-P2, There will be a a licensing option you can flash into an easYgen-3500XT-P2 Package (Software License Partnumber P/N 10-030-826    SOFTWARE LEGACY CAN AND MDEC SUPPORT PACKAGE

  • GCP-31 XPD and XPQ Packages as well supported LS-4 breaker controls, paralleling T-couplers and incoming mains feeders. LS-4 communication is not supported by easYgen controls. Upgrading multiple breaker application using GCP-31 XPx and LS-4s recommendation is to look into easYgen-3500XT and LS-5 (CAN Network) or LS-6XT (redundant hot swap E-Net communication)

Benefit of easYgen upgrade 

  • Many different GCP-31/32 variants can be replaced with only few part numbers of easYgen controls offering direct 100/480V (3400XT/3500XT Versions up to 690VAC) and ../1A & ../5A sensing at class 1 accuracy for kW

  • No need for external gateways as Modbus TCP and RS485 Modbus communication are integral.

  • easYgen-3400XT/3500XT version having integral voltage regulation to bias an Exciter-10  

  • Galvanic isolated interfaces and analog inputs reducing need for external galvanic isolation

14 languages in build plus Localization Tool to generate other languages

Supporting Documents: Information about IKD1M, LSG, ESEPRO, …