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What are the differences between DSLC-2 MSLC-2 and DSLC-2XT MSLC-2XT ? - Knowledgebase / MSLC-2 - Power Generation

What are the differences between DSLC-2 MSLC-2 and DSLC-2XT MSLC-2XT ?

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Woodward understands the time-intensive nature of Power Generation projects. Ensuring the longevity of our products is one way we make our customers successful. Woodward has supplied and supported the field proven MSLC-2/DSLC-2 line of synchronizers and load controllers for over a decade. An upcoming state of the art Drop-In replacement successor extends the life cycle of this product line for another decade and

possibly beyond. This document provides an overview of what to expect from the successor products, namely MSLC-2XT/DSLC-2XT respectively. 

Important Features: 

→  Drop-In Replacement (Mounting dimensions and overall dimensions are same) 

→  Similar Look and Feel as MSLC-2/DSLC-2 (available in back panel mounting style) 

→  USB Connectivity to PC (RS-232 port is removed) 

→  Direct connect up to 690VAC (increased range handled by device configuration) 

→  Software selectable 1A/5A CT input (supported by one P/N) 

Important Considerations: 

  1. Communicating with legacy DSLC-2 (and MSLC-2) 

Woodward will provide update files for legacy DSLC-2 and MSLC-2 devices in the field if there is to run a mix of both DSLC-2/MSLC-2 generations. The legacy device will then send their UDP messages in a way that DSLC-2XT/MSLC-2XT can evaluate. It is mandatory to load this update file into the legacy devices for the system to run smoothly.

2. Using your existing settings file (*. WSET) from legacy DSLC-2 (and MSLC-2) 

Woodward will provide a conversion rule for ToolKit to make the configuration transfer as smooth as possible. Some minor parameters will be shown in a log file, to be evaluated manually.

3. The AC measurement of the DSLC-2XT (and MSLC-2XT) 

The measurement hardware and software are different in comparison to the legacy devices. This is mainly due to higher accuracy, more flexible measurement range and fast response characteristics. The earthing of the DSLC-2XT/MSLC-2XT devices has become more important due to higher impedance of the measurement circuits.


To give you a seamless transition experience, the ToolKit layout (*. WTOOL file) is designed like the original devices. There are few less parameters due to new AC measurement and communication interfaces.

5.Documentation server 

Product literature (manuals, config. files, software etc.) is hosted on a documentation server that is easily accessible by a QR code printed on the housing. Two additional QR stickers are delivered with the controllers to help you paste them at a location convenient to you. Subsequently, product CD is removed from scope of delivery.


The DSLC-2XT/MSLC-2XT is an upward compatible successor device for the DSLC-2/MSLC-2. They are based on the easYgen-3400XT-P2 hardware. It is designed to function as good as the original DSLC2/MSLC-2 (version 1.1511). The new generation is equipped with a more powerful CPU, memory, and communication. It is more responsive in HMI and SCADA communications. The important control functions run on the same task rates that ensures the same control dynamic.  

Most important, it is being designed to be able to run with the legacy DSLC-2/MSLC-2 system. This becomes more important than ever due to lack of obtainable components that may force us to make a hard stop to the DSLC-2/MSLC-2 product line later this year. If some minor rules are observed the DSLC-2XT can be mixed with already existing DSLC-2 / MSLC-2 in an application.  

MSLC-2XT (in line with DSLC-2XT) is also in preparation and comes few months after DSLC-2XT. 

AC Measurement: 



 terminal deltas DSLC-2 / DSLC-2XT


  • The communication 9-pin D-sub connectors are replaced by phoenix plugs with screw terminals
  • The analog outputs 1 & 2 are supported with two terminals now (the shunt for voltage output is internally populated)


  • DSLC-2XT: Design release to production scheduled for Sept’22. Shipment expected Oct’22 however depends on availability of components. Limited early sample and draft manual available. Please contact your account manager.
  • MSLC-2XT: Design release to production scheduled for Nov’22. Shipment expected Dec’22 however depends on availability of components. Limited early sample and draft manual available. Please contact your account manager.

Part Numbers:

  • 8440-2298: MSLC-2XT
  • 8440-2299: DSLC-2XT

Wiring diagram (DSLC-2XT) 

Wiring diagram (MSLC-2XT)