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Firmware Software Downgrade easYgen-3000XT platform controls - Knowledgebase / easYgen-3000XT - Power Generation

Firmware Software Downgrade easYgen-3000XT platform controls

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Redesign mainly involves the A/D and D/A converters. The A/D converter is responsible for the AC measurement (voltage and current) and the DC measurements (analog inputs). The D/A converter is responsible to drive the analog outputs. The performance of the controllers is not compromised. However, to support the new converters an inner communication driver between CPU and converters has been adapted. Therefore, a new software version is created (V2.13-0) that supports both the converters, new and existing. The part number(s) have been retained and revision is incremented. The redesigned PCBAs are scheduled to be released to production starting Nov’22 and will continue till early 2023 in phases to cover all the models.

DSLC-2XT and MSLC-2XT is not impacted  by this downgrade limitation.

Consequently, older software versions (V2.12-1 or older) cannot be loaded anymore into the new hardware.